Confindustria’s Chairman Vincenzo Boccia visited Carifac'Arte’s International School of Art Crafts

14 January 2020

FABRIANO, 14 January 2020 - A live demonstration of how to produce a hand-made sheet of paper and a watermark. This is how the day ended in Fabriano for Confindustria’s Chairman Vincenzo Boccia, who spoke at the celebrations of the 20 years of Diasen, the company from Sassoferrato chaired by Diego Mingarelli. 

After the meeting at Teatro Gentile, Chairman Boccia attended a dinner at Le Conce complex, home of the Carifac'Arte International School of Art Crafts, an instrumental company of the Carifac Foundation of Fabriano, chaired by Marco Ottaviani. 

Along with those who attended the dinner, Chairman Boccia eye-witnessed the performance of Carifac'Arte’s paper masters, Sandro Tiberi and Gilvana Maria Da Silva, who produced sheets of fine handmade paper and showed the watermarked paper, pride and joy of Fabriano over the centuries.

«The Chairman of Confindustria and all the illustrious guests of Diasen were amazed by the excellence of the International School of Art Professions of Carifac'Arte. We created a precious watermark that caused a stir among all those who were present ", Carifac Foundation said.

Carifac'Arte pursues the goal of keeping alive the tradition of paper making and handmade watermarked paper through agreements and synergies all around Italy. The partnership with Alba International Truffle Fair clearly demonstrates this: the instrumental company of Carifac Foundation produced and supplied handmade numbered bags, enjoying remarkable success.

Lastly, it should be noted that a course is currently being given for the award of the Master of Paper Maker and Watermarker through the scientific advice of Unicam and conducted by ITS on Fabriano's Energy Efficiency.

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