XIII Annual Conference of UNESCO Creative Cities

22 May 2019

For the entire duration of the event, it will be possible to see the Carifac'Arte team of experts at the Open Paper Mill space: demonstrations will be carried out, with the relative explanations, of the phases of making paper by hand and paper watermarked. It will be possible to observe closely, for example, a working vat, a table with a ponitura support to detach the sheets on the felts, a hydraulic press to press the "post" of felts and sheets for removing excess water and the electric dryer for drying.
On the first floor of the building, inside the Design Pavilion, it will be possible to admire a preview of the museum, which will be set up in a few months in the same space. On this occasion some canvases by Quirino Ruggeri will be exhibited, which testify to the artist's adhesion to abstract-geometric themes in the fifties of the last century, and a selection of sculptures by Edgardo Mannucci, who, in the same period, chose to abandon the figurative style to build a new lexicon, which will lead him to become one of the greatest protagonists of the Informal at an international level.

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