The International School of Organometallic Chemistry of Camerino visiting Carifac’Arte

11 September 2019

In the 12th edition of ISOC, seventy-two researchers and PhD students from all over the world, enrolled at the International School of Organometallic Chemistry of Camerino, led by the rector Claudio Pettinari, were guests of the Fondazione per Carifac to learn about the beauties of our City.

Particular interest for Carifac'Arte as they appreciated the demonstration of Master Tiberi on the process of creating watermarked paper with particular interest in the Course for paper processing operator and watermark maker organized by Carifac'Arte in collaboration with Ateneo Camerte, Marche Region and Merloni Industrial Technical Institute. The International School of Organometallic Chemistry of Camerino, is recognized today as the most important school of European organometallic chemistry and enjoys the patronage of EuCheMS (European Association for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences) and the Interdivisional Group of Organometallic Chemistry of the Italian Society of Chemistry.

The objective is to facilitate and generate the exchange of scientific knowledge and information from the development of sustainable energy solutions to the synthesis of effective treatments, up to the production of new materials ranging from polymers to nanomaterials. A meeting that saw its synthesis in the nominative diplomas between innovation and tradition realized by Carifac’Arte on hand-made watermarked paper for all the participants in the event.

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