The course for the Diploma of “Paper and Watermark Processing Operator” has been presented

16 July 2019

«Restarting from our roots, renewing them in order to achieve a double objective: increase occupation and tourism». This is what Marco Ottaviani, the Chairman of Fondazione Carifac, said during the presentation of the first course for the Diploma of Paper and Watermark Making that will start on September 23rd at Le Conce, the museum department of Fabriano. The press conference held on July 12th within the congress hall of the above mentioned body was attended by the Illustrious Dean of the University of Camerino Claudio Pettinari and the School Director of IIS Merloni-Miliani Giancarlo Marcelli.

«We have chosen a system project which allows us to recover our community's main brand. Carifac’Arte represents for us the Carifac Foundation’s operative arm; a further element letting us cancel the gap between the theoretical declinations and the pragmatic offer of an instrumental society. Recovering the memory and translate it into a project through the cultural transmission to the new generations; for this reason the International School of Art Crafts (Scuola Internazionale dei Mestieri d’Arte) not only will allow the recovery of shops that have disappeared, but will be a precious instrument of contamination with the innovation developed throughout the third millennium. A fundamental prerequisite is also the new path that, through the collaboration with the Pia Università dei Cartai, puts our Watermark on the list of the UNESCO intangible assets ».

It will be possible to enroll in the course for the awarding of the Diploma of Paper Maker and Filigree Technician from tomorrow July 13th to September 15th. Lessons will start on September 23rd and will be spread over several days a week for three / four hours, for 300 hours in all, during which theoretical and practical knowledge will be acquired. After passing the final exam, a diploma will be issued. As for the teaching staff, we will rely on the highly qualified advice of Unicam and the Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation.
«The University of Camerino expresses great satisfaction for the launch of this course, thanks to which the skills and knowledge already used in the past in the Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses in Paper Sciences and Techniques are put back into the field. Paper (and the use of chemistry to produce an increasingly innovative material) was taking its first steps on the Marche Apennines as early as the 13th century and part of the Marche economy was based on this product for long. From paper, our typical product, we can start again, combining our know-how with recent innovations in the biological, chemical, physical and IT fields », said the Magnificent Rector of Unicam, Claudio Pettinari.

«The course of "Operator of the Processing of Watermarked Paper ", listed in the catalog of the Marche Region, thanks to the drafting of the ITS on Energy Efficiency, establishes itself as a connecting point between past and future, difficulties and prospects. The ITS, upon the request of Carifac’Arte, fielded its training competences and prepared a unique national project, reserved for graduates and the Fabriano community. For 250 hours we will talk about chemistry and paper with experts and we will create enviable niche products. Then you will be able to get familiar with many areas and specializations, from self-employment to professional occupation, from any specific university study to those sponsored by the course. Unicam and ITS professors, industry experts and paper operators are excited to offer young graduates a similar opportunity, for which they will be recognized 12 credits for the courses of sciences and chemical technologies and technologies sciences of cultural heritage. A big thanks goes to the Carifac Foundation for its unique sensitivity towards the territory, at the University of Camerino always ready to show how solidarity and culture are combined with the ITS of Energy Efficiency, a source of proposals to spend with courage for rebirth of the territory ", declared the school administrator of the IIS Merloni-Miliani, Giancarlo Marcelli.

Although not present at the press conference due to new commitments, the mayor of Fabriano, Gabriele Santarelli, wanted to testify to the importance of starting the course with his own message. "Knowledge has no value if it is not transmitted and a community cannot afford to lose track of its roots if it wants to build a solid future. These are the assumptions on which the Carifac’Arte project at Le Conce was carried out. In a very short time the Carifac Foundation has managed to create a space where an idea that had been discussed for long has come to fruition, but that we would have never been able to produce without their intervention. Finally Fabriano has the real possibility of handing down its own tradition and its own history, making it known through training and promoting it by exploiting the contacts that the Foundation has in virtue of its activity. Not only courses for paper production, but for everything there is before and after the production of a sheet which, moreover, is no longer just sheet but is a work of art; it is a piece of design, it is furniture, it is everything you can do with paper. Tradition conjugated in different ways thanks to new technologies and new frontiers that are only to be explored. This is what all the creative cities of the Unesco network speak about, it is what I was able to visit, for example in Hincheon, Korea, in the Ceramics museum where the first thing you can visit is the area housing the workshops where young people learn the art of ceramics . During the UNESCO Conference we made contact with the Turin Councilors with whom we decided to put the reality of Carifac'Arte into contact with their designers to create contamination, to let them know the ductility of paper, the possibilities it offers and imagine together what will be possible to do ».
The announcement and Enrollment Form can be found on the websites:; and and on the Facebook page of Fondazione Carifac.

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