Rotary’s Watermark, the project to convey Fabriano's excellence

21 July 2020

FABRIANO, 20 July 2020 - Contributing to the spread of Fabriano’s Art of Watermarked Paper in the world. With this in mind, the Rotary Club of Fabriano has decided to promote a project "Rotary Watermark" aimed at enhancing this Fabrianese "invention", in the wake of the Rotary ideals that are, among others, the communication of the local excellences.

Yesterday morning, 19 July, the Governor of District 2090 of Rotary International (Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, and Molise) Rossella Piccirilli, Past Governor Mario Giannola, District Manager of the Rotary Foundation, Remo Morpurgo, District Operations Director of the Rotary Foundation, Past Governor Luciano Pierini, Past Governor Antonio Pieretti, and Governor in charge Gioacchino Minelli, besides the Rotary Club President of Fabriano Maura Nataloni and members of the "Rotary Watermark" subcommittee that will work on the project during the 2020/2021 Rotary year, were invited at the Carifac's International School of Crafts in Le Conce, an instrumental society of the Carifac Foundation.

A fascinating journey that the paper and watermark masters explained in every detail to the members of the Rotary delegation, creating a precious watermark with the Rotary International logo on fine limited edition handmade paper, creating an object of artistic and symbolic value.

Governor Rossella Piccirilli has shown a keen interest in this project, so much so that she dedicated the only day off in the month of July, given the commitments at the beginning of the mandate.

Subsequently, always at Le Conce, the "Rotary Watermark" project was explained to the participants, aimed at enhancing this ancient art, universally recognized as a Fabrianese excellence. "In support of tradition, but with an eye to the future, the Rotary Club of Fabriano believes that we should launch the challenge that can bring us all to appreciate the beauty of uniqueness. The project aims to spread the image of the Rotary Club of Fabriano and beyond, enhancing the great heritage generated in its territory, sharing it and spreading it all over the world through the logo of our association embossed on handmade paper in limited editions. A precious object to collect, which every Rotarian can keep or donate to convey in a special way the values of friendship, service and peace that the club pursues, knowing, moreover, that the proceeds of the project "Rotary Watermark" will be financing the Polio Plus fund of the Rotary Foundation to eradicate poliomyelitis in the world," said the president of the Rotary Club Fabriano Maura Nataloni.

Carifac Foundation President Marco Ottaviani thanked the participants for their attention to Fabriano and his Art. "We believe a lot in enhancing the Art of Watermarked Paper that has made Fabriano famous throughout the world. Bound to the past, to our traditions, yet projected into the future thanks also to the process we have undertaken for the recognition of this "invention" of ours as an Unesco’s intangible asset. The dossier was presented last March and next spring we will know the outcome. We are confident and aware that this is only the first step to make artistic craftsmanship one of the best flywheels to capture international tourist interest".

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