IDEA no. 20 by Mannucci on display at the “Immaginaria. Art logic in Italy since 1949"

23 December 2019

Carifac Foundation has loaned to Cassa di Risparmio di Terni and Narni Foundation a sculpture by Edgardo Mannucci titled" Idea n.20 ", for an important exhibition held at Palazzo Montani Leoni, in Terni’s town center, from 20 December 2019 to 1 March 2020.

"Imaginary. Art logics in Italy since 1949", curated by Bruno Corà, is a reflection on the most influential artistic experiences that took place in Italy from the immediate post-war years of WW2 until the advent of the so-called" postmodern condition, of the IT era and the beginning of the globalization process".  

"The exhibition -  says the curator - is intended to highlight the contribution of the individual logics implemented by some artistic personalities who stood out in certain key moments of the development of visual culture in Italy". This is the case - underlines Professor Corà - of artists such as Fontana, Burri, Capogrossi, Afro, Cagli, Colla, Dorazio, Accardi in the 1940s and 1950s and eventually of Rotella, Lo Savio, Uncini, Schifano, Manzoni, Castellani, Agnetti in the 1960s-1970s, but also of Kounellis, Merz, Fabro, Boetti and, still in the 1970s by artists such as Spagnulo, Gastini, Carrino, De Dominicis, Alfano and many other excellences up to the 1980s when painting regained its popularity . All these artists expressed their ideational and formative 'logic' of the work, strongly emphasizing their individuality, a key aspect in contemporary art and even more than that gained after the war in Italy ".

Edgardo Mannucci's work, dated 1978, was made of copper, molten copper slag and welded brass wire. The closed form of circularity ends up into the sculptural research of the last Mannucci, the master of the forces released into space, the sculptor of the atomic and cosmic imagination.

Once the Umbrian exhibition will be over, the work will be back to Fabriano and will certainly be included in the new Museo Ruggeri - Mannucci, which will be inaugurated in spring 2020 at Le Conce complex. 

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