Fabriano's Art of Watermarked Paper, the dossier presented to the CNIU

20 March 2020

FABRIANO, March 19th 2020 – More than 140 letters of support and approximately 2,000 signatures from Fabrianese and non-Fabrianese citizens to support the inclusion of Fabriano’s Art of Watermarked Paper in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The initiative was applauded by the Pia Università dei Cartai which, following the support of the Fondazione Carifac, the Municipality of Fabriano, the Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano and the professional advice offered by the company Bia, presented the complete dossier yesterday March 18 to the Italian National Commission for Unesco. This will undertake to examine it and, hopefully, make the candidacy for Italy of this ancient "Art" official in 2021. It would be an important recognition for Fabriano's "know-how". Such decision should be made public in the coming months

"Despite the Coronavirus emergency is deeply affecting our territory, we have succeeded in complying with the required time frame and submitting this bulky dossier which, thanks to the entire community, has finally been drawn up," some say from the Pia Università dei Cartai of Fabriano. "We are very satisfied that we could involve the entire Marche region in this application".

The figures reflect these statements. From the official presentation to the candidacy citizenship forwarded last December, there has been a great mobilization in just three months. «Everyone felt involved and the 2,000 signatures of Fabrianese and non-Fabrianese citizens, who rushed to sign the forms to personally support the candidacy, testify to this. We thank all the surrounding companies and the cultural associations which gave their valuable contribution”. Among the personal signatures, worth a mention are those from Enrico Letta, Maurizio Lupi and Francesco Merloni.

140 letters of support were received from the proposing team: all the trade associations at various levels, among which the letter from the President of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia stands out; The State Archives of Bologna which houses one of the most ancient Watermarked Papers in history; Universities and Teachers; Public Bodies and Municipalities; Cultural Associations and more; National and International Artists. "The global emergency that took place in the last few weeks has slowed us down. And we cannot exclude that, in the coming months, an addition to the dossier may be presented with further important letters of support ".

That means that this process has not ended yet. «There will be intermediate steps before the Italian National Commission for UNESCO will make a final decision. As soon as it will be safe to do so, it will be our intention to organize a big event in Fabriano witnessing the participation of the members of the CNIU itself in order to push the candidacy of the Art of the Watermarked Paper in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage", concluded the Pia Università dei Cartai.

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