«ARTFULLY MADE» Carifac'Arte participates in the event to Biella

28 October 2020

Carifac'Arte flies to Biella to attend the event dedicated to High Artistic Craftsmanship, an expression of that heritage of beauty and authenticity which, starting from the Renaissance workshops, still contemplates art, culture and tradition. The event, which took place from 23rd to 25th October 2020, was organised at Palazzo Ferrero in the city’s historic centre. A site of exceptional historical value with frescoes dating back to the end of the 16th century and the mid 19th century.

In the space used for the International School of Ancient Trades, artfully designed in compliance with anticovid regulations, visitors witnessed the process of creating the watermark. Master Sandro Tiberi explained the use of waxes, punches, watermarks and paper to make them participate in the various stages of the process. The shape preparation, along with the stitching of canvas and watermark, was performed live, arousing considerable interest and curiosity among the public present at the stand, for the complexity and meticulousness of the work in the creation of a real work of art. 

Paper sheets were also produced, proposed to a bookbinder present at the exhibition, who was thus able to produce a white book of considerable artistic value. The President of the Biella Foundation, Franco Ferraris, congratulating the International School of Ancient Trades and in particular Master Papermaker Sandro Tiberi, expressed the desire to continue and expand the existing collaboration relationship also in relation to common projects concerning UNESCO. 

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