"The battle of Mosul": shots by Emanuele Satolli

13 January 2020

The photographic exhibition "The Battle of Mosul" by Emanuele Satolli, held inside Le Conce Complex owned by the Carifac Foundation and where the International School of Ancient Crafts of Carifac'Arte is located, enjoyed an enormous success.

The exhibition, already presented in Milan and promoted there by the National Iconographic Editors Group, provided an account of the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, Iraq, which fell to ISIS in June 2014. To capture the shots throughout the nearly nine months of conflict, the well-known Fabriano-born photographer traveled to Mosul and its surrounding areas six times both as a freelancer and eventually on behalf of the magazine Time.

"Photography - says Satolli - can evoke a sense of humanity. It can record history through the fate of individuals. It shows the daily tragedy of a single man or of a single family. It can also reveal man's proximity to tragedy. And the viewer to whom the photo is intended is called to take part in a dialogue, approaching the essence of human nature from a completely personal viewpoint ».

Satolli, awarded with several international awards, received among others the 2017 Ponchielli Prize, the first prize for the 'short stories' of the 2017 World Report Award, the first prize in the Documentary category of the Kontinent Photography Awards and the POYi (Picture of the year international); in 2016 for his work on the liberation of Mosul and in 2013 for the best portfolio for Time Magazine.

The exhibition was open until 12 January 2019. «We have been very happy as ProLoco Fabriano - declared its president, Paolo Mearelli - to have provided the right space to one of our fellow citizens who has performed first-rate cultural, humanitarian and communicative work. We cannot help but be touched by his photos recounting the horror of the war. ProLoco would like to thank the Municipality of Fabriano, Elica, Faber and Carifac Foundation».

Emanuele Satolli, after attending the Turin School of Journalism, specialized in photojournalism and started working for Time Magazine on a story relating to drug addiction in Russia. His images have appeared in many publications including Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Washington Post, Wired, Stern, Courrier International, British GQ, Al Jazeera, Cnn, Internazionale, Rolling Stone, Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica just to name a few.

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